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Jennifer Brown is an NYC based photographer specializing in editorial portraiture with deep contrast and rich colors.

After 10 years as a professional photographer, Jennifer is well versed in what makes a meaningful and memorable image.

Graduating with honors and a B.A. in Fine Art Photography and Film from Virginia Commonwealth University, Jennifer has been working with a variety of clients including nonprofits, branding agencies, and corporations while running a freelance business, and creating fine art photography.

The thing that makes Jennifer unique from other photographers is her ability to forge emotive connections between herself, the subject, and the viewer. She has the ability to put others at ease while ensuring they feel seen and understood.

In the last year, she’s been focused on working with other artists; coaching them to move past creative roadblocks, find their voice, and tell their story. These coaching experiences are accompanied by documentary style photography sessions to create imagery in support of the artist’s narrative.

In her personal body of work, Jennifer is focused on parent-child relationships, connection, and the experience of motherhood in the fourth-wave-feminist American context. She considers body image, gender rolls, and parenting challenges in her signature, chiaroscuro style, taking inspiration from Vermeer and other Dutch Golden Age Painters.



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Past Clients

Jenny Kern, Aimee Bayles, Shay Wilson, Julia Harman Dovan, Amanda Gough, Rachel Neikirk, Sallie Plumley Studios, Jason Watts Wood Products, Clarissa B Designs Co. John Randolph Foundation, The James House, Elijah House Academy, Praxis, Kumveka, V3 Church Planting Network, Girls Fly!, Women Doing Well, Vertias School, The Chapel, Needles Eye Ministries, 2008 National Republican Convention


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